Rapid-Air Feeders & Stock Reels

The Werks C&C Inc. is proud to announce their new product line from Rapid-Air which is now available for ordering.

Stock Reels:

Rapid-Air offers the most complete selection available from any source including powered and non-powered with adjustable and fixed centers.

Specialty Stock Reels:

• Reel/Straightener combo – save floor space, maximize production.
• Dual Swivel – save valuable production time handling heavy coils.
• Rim Drive – payout from press or backside of reel.
• Multi-head – payout, rewind, and interleaf protection.



Air Feeds

Why Rapid-Air Feeds are better.

  • Improved production with faster material flow speeds and accurate progressions.
  • Rapid-Air pioneered the first compact air feed with internal air circuitry.  Their unique dual air valve system provides outstanding performance backed by reliability that has made Rapid-Air the recognized innovator and leader in air feed technology.
  • Rapid-Air feeds offer unmatched production flexibility.  Their cost-effective operation often justifies permanent installation on die sets to minimize job setup time.
  • Air Feeds easy installation make Rapid-Air units the most versatile type of feeding equipment available.


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